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A ready to use cleaner for carpet, upholstery, vinyl, leather, wood, tile, fiberglass, hands & hair. Removes grease, tar, oil, chewing gum, label and adhesive residue, scuff marks, lipstick, makeup, crayons, wax, carbon & soot from any surface. Free of dyes, petroleum and chlorinated solvents.

Super Citrus Cleaner cleans, degreases, and deodorizes in one application while combining the advantages of natural solvents and detergents with the finest non-fuming synthetic solvents and cleaning agents in one product.

* Contains natural citrus solvents, vegetable derived detergents and food grade water conditioners.

* Minimally hazardous to humans, animals, the environment or areas being treated when compared to traditional highly caustic degreasers.

* Free of phosphates and fuming solvents and EDTA found in most other citrus cleaners.

* Pleasant natural deodorizing action leaves a fresh scent.

* Lower in alkalinity than almost all heavy-duty degreaser/cleaners.

* One product cleans many surfaces and may be used through many application systems.

* Non-corrosive and actually inhibits corrosion when used on bare metals.

* Safe for use on glass, aluminum and most plastics.

* Extremely easy to use.

* Very free rinsing which saves labor and eliminates residues.

* Breaks down oils, soils, and greases without letting them reattach to the surface being cleaned.

* Non-toxic.

* Biodegradable.


Karen E recommended this item about 1 month ago
23 people found this review helpful.
Great stuff, and has a refreshing scent too.
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Tracy R recommended this item about 1 month ago
26 people found this review helpful.
This is a good product again though you have to use more than directed in order to smell it and for it to clean properly I think I would buy it again though even if you have to use more I still like it
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David D recommended this item 2 months ago
31 out of 32 people found this review helpful.
Purchased this for my mom, so she would focus on chemical free cleaning. She asked to buy again. Will do!


Pure Thermo Burn

This non-ephedra Thermogenic agent promotes weight loss and fat burning safely. Pure Thermo Burn gives you the energy you need to get through your busy day and an appetite suppressant to help control the amount you eat.INGREDIENTS:

Guarana – Guarana contains a high amount of guaranine, a chemical substance with the same characteristics as caffeine. It may quicken perception, delay sleep and help with endurance based activities.

Uva ursi – This promotes water loss, especially around the stomach area, to look leaner and has been used to help with urinary tract infections.

White Willow Bark – This herb helps drive the fat out of your body faster by dilating your veins, similar to aspirin.

Gugulipid – Helps stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones and will help lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

Green Tea Extract – Helps with thermogenesis and aids in metabolism of fat, also known as a powerful antioxidant.

Citrus Aurantium – Helps break down fat, by increasing metabolism and helps suppress the appetite.

Forslean – Helps lower blood pressure and helps regulate insulin levels.

Chromium Polynicotinate – Helps control insulin levels and blood sugar.

Niacin and Cayenne – Natural ingredients that help increase metabolism and burn fat.

l-tyrosine – This amino acid helps keep muscles from breaking down during dieting and exercise.

l-carnitine, Vitamin B5, Calcium Pantothenate – helps with fat loss and energy. Increased calcium helps to reduce cramping.


Take 2 tablets before breakfast and lunch.
Take 1 tablet mid afternoon.
Take with 8 oz of water.




Cleans any surface not harmed by water. Ideal for use on tile floors, marble, terrazzo and walls. Will not film or streak as it cleans, brightens and deodorizes surfaces.


Dilute with warm or cold water. Start by using 1/4 cup per gallon of water or 1 tablespoon per quart of water. Adjust by using more or less cleaner to suit personal need. Use on any surface not harmed by water.


Ozone Treated Water (for purification), Sodium Citrate (a reaction of citric acid from fermented corn and sodium hydroxide), Citric Acid (from fermented corn), Non-Ionic Detergent (from corn derived ethanol and natural oils), D-Limonene (pesticide residue free, distilled from orange rind oil), Amphoteric Detergent (from coconut and/or palm kernel oil), Amine Oxide (from coconut, palm kernel, and or/soy bean oil). Contains no preservatives.


“Our company has been using the All Purpose Cleaner for over four years now. It has no hazardous chemicals and my employees love the fresh orange scent. Your cleaner is truly an all in one product that works on every surface in our bakery from floors, walls, equipment, counters, baking pans and dishes.”
– B. Rooden

“I love your All Purpose Cleaner. It truly is all-purpose cleaner. We use it for every application and we like that it’s so concentrated. This product is very economical and goes a long, long way.”
– L. Johnson



Boost your energy levels, destroy free radicals, and promote a healthy lifestyle with the Super Antioxidant Formula:* Contains all 10 recommended antioxidants.
* Aids your body in removing cancerous free radicals from itself.
* Provides protection for collagen and connective tissues.
* Speeds wound healing and protects against pollutants and toxins.
* Helps prevent cataract formation and protects against neurological disorders.

Ingredients: Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Superoxide Dismutase, Co Q-10, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Selenium.

Bottle contains 90 tablets.

Dosage: Take 1-3 tablets a day with meals.

Each tablet contains the following ingredients:

Ingredients. Amount RDA
Beta Carotene 4 mg 500%
Vitamin E 80 IU 250%
Vitamin C 200 mg 333%
Citrus Bioflavonoids 10 mg *
Superoxide Dismutase 10 mg *
Coenzyme Q 10 10 mcg *
Copper 8 mg 800%
Zinc 45 mg 300%
Manganese 8 mg *
Selenium Organic Form 20 mcg *



Nwamara I recommended this item 3 months ago
54 people found this review helpful.
Very good product. I regained my strength and feeling of well-being.
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Roy B recommended this item 4 months ago
46 people found this review helpful.
I wanted to get started with Triple Clicks, this was my first venture. I don’t take vitamins all the time, but this seemed like a good product. I tried and I liked it. So here I am tonight trying to order them and to my surprise, but no more being offered.
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Mary Ann W recommended this item 4 months ago
44 people found this review helpful.
Awesome product. helps to boost my immune system. Pills are easy to take and very bioavailable.
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Cheryl W recommended this item 5 months ago
41 people found this review helpful.
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Ron M recommended this item 5 months ago
39 out of 41 people found this review helpful.
.Outstanding product. I have more energy. Thanks

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